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Bond 2024

Family the Heart of Hollister Hollister R-V School District Planning for the Future of our Family Stewardship, Promise, and Progress
Thank you for helping us plan for the future of our family!





As we progress, we will keep you updated here.

  • Expand the Agriculture Education Program, facilities, and course offerings to accommodate student interest, including middle school. 

    ag ed photo collage student in chicken coup, new addition, students in greenhouse

  • Install new upgraded cameras throughout the district.

    Update 5/31/24: We have installed upgraded cameras across our campus and have ordered upgraded cameras for all of our buses, including backup cameras.


    kids with law enforcement a heart with hands and a security camera

  • The addition of a designated cafeteria allowing for maximum utilization and flexibility of facilities both during the school day and beyond.

    kids in a cafeteria and addition to the ecc

  • Renovate and improve facilities to maximize space and enhance security while creating a welcoming environment.

    Update 5/31/24: We have begun demolition of the high school hallways.

    pictures of lockers being torn out of high school hallways



  • Restructure lease purchase debt, allowing $275,000 to attract and retain qualified teachers and staff—NO tax increase.

    teachers smiling and working with students

    My teacher really helps us. She helps me do my work and she helps us with math. She is a really nice teacher and if I didn't have my teacher it would be hard for me to learn as much as I do. ~ Dario, 2nd grade

  • Create an all-weather multipurpose activity center for students and the community.

    new tiger activities center marching band and new concession stand

    It would be pretty cool to have a place to practice baseball when it is raining so we don’t have to cancel practice. ~ Logan, 4th Grade