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Hollister R-V School District and COVID-19

We are continuing to work closely with the Taney County Health Department and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to monitor COVID-19, the impact it is having on our area, and how we can best protect and serve our students.

Each day we acquire new information and assess the effect that information has on our students, families, staff, and current plans we have in place.

We will continue to communicate information through our regular communication channels, including, our automated messaging system and our district social media.  

We have created this webpage to serve as a warehouse for information and will update it as current information changes or we have new information to share. 

COVID-19 Prevention Reccomendations


HSD updates

-Hollister Schools are closed through April 24, 2020

-Meal Distributions on Sundays & Wednesdays only

-For best access points when utilizing the school guest wifi park in the following locations:

      *South side of Hollister Middle School, facing the football stands

     *West side of Hollister Middle School facing the LED sign

     *East side of the Fieldhouse, facing the baseball field.

HSD Chromebook/iPad Trouble Shooting Guide & Assistance 


device distribution round 2

meal distribution


Virtual Learning Update Letter April 3, 2020

Virtual Learning Update Letter April 3, 2020 Spanish

Special Education Letter April 2, 2020

Meal Distribution Update March 27, 2020

Meal Distribution Update March 27, 2020 Spanish

HSD Update March 25, 2020

HSD Update March 25, 2020 Spanish

HSD Supplemental Instruction Letter March 24, 2020

HSD Supplemental Instruction Letter March 24, 2020 Spanish

HSD Update March 19, 2020

HSD Update March 19, 2020 Spanish