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Spring Sports



  • Hollister Bass Fishing is open to students in grade 9th through 12th. Students interested in participating on the fishing team must secure a boat and boater to partner with them throughout the season.

    While the season primarily consists of tournaments on Sundays during the spring, there are a couple of Sunday fall tournaments as well.

  • David Honey
    Head Coach
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  • The Hollister Boys Golf Program is open to boys in grades 9th through 12th. A maximum of 10 golfers may participate in a season. If necessary, tryouts are held in the first week of practice. Student-athletes need to provide their own golf clubs.

  • Mike Plante Brent Milleson
    Head Coach Assistant Coach
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  • Participation in Hollister Girls Softball is open to all girls in grades 7th through 12th

  • Bekah Glenn Moria McCarville
    Head Coach Assistant Coach
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    Madison Dyal
    Assistant Coach
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  • Dallas DeWeese Luke Carter
    8th Grade Coach 7th Grade Coach
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  • Participation in Hollister Track is open to all students in grades 7th through 12th.

  • Austin Wenger Nancy Coffelt
    Head Coach Assistant Coach
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    Bridgitte Peterson Will Dyal
    Assistant Coach Assistant Coach
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    Troy Gunckel Emily Moore
    Assistant Coach Assistant Coach
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