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Concert and Marching Band

The Hollister Concert Band and Marching Band are part of an all-encompassing co-curricular band program open to students in 9th through 12th grades (and 8th grade with special permission).  The marching band meets daily before school and during class throughout the fall marching season.  The concert band meets daily during class following competitive marching season typically starting in late October. The concert program challenges students to perform concert literature of the highest quality including new compositions, music of the standard band canon, marches, chorales, and transcriptions as well as music of many popular styles. The concert band typically performs 3-4 concerts per year including the annual Holiday Concert, Pops Concert, and the Spring Band Review. As an extension of the Concert Band Program, students are offered to participate in district and state honor bands, and district and state solo and small ensemble contests. The band also performs in large group festivals, clinics, and contests.

The High School Band is open to any student that plays a traditional band instrument at a proficient level. Band students must be willing to participate in both concert and marching band, as those aspects are included in the class throughout the year. Please contact Mr. Spurling if you are interested in becoming a member of the Tiger Band!

Jazz Band

Jazz Band at the middle school is open to students in 7th and 8th grades.  At the high school, students in grades 9-12 may participate.  Jazz Band performing groups rehearse during the school day. The program strives to develop the entire jazz musician by studying jazz theory and improvisation while performing new and standard literature. The jazz ensembles utilizes musicians that play instruments of the standard big band, including alto, tenor and baritone saxophone, trombone, trumpet, piano, bass, drum set, and guitar. Students who play other instruments outside that standard are encouraged to double on one of those instruments.

Jazz Band is open to students who play (or double) a standard jazz instrument and have permission from the director. An audition may be required where there are multiple students interested in performing on the same instrument.



The Hollister Middle School Band Program is an all-encompassing instrumental music program that offers instruction in brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments. The beginning band is almost entirely during the school day and meets every day during the school day. Students will perform two after school concerts, one in December and one in May. Intermediate and advanced bands meet one class period each day and require a few more performances outside of the school day. Students will have the opportunity to perform in the marching/parade band in the fall as well as the traditional concert band winter and spring concerts. Placement in these two bands is by director permission and requires prior playing experience.

The beginning band is open to all students in middle school. Instrument selection and placement will be guided by directors to ensure balanced instrumentation. Advanced and Intermediate Band is open to any student with prior experience playing a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument. Directors will guide placement in the intermediate or advanced band through a basic interview or audition.


Band Contact

Nathan Spurling

MS/HS Band Director



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Philip Thomas

MS/HS Assistant Band Director



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Maria Spurling

MS/HS Color Guard


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