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Instructional Resources for Parents & Students



Folders are linked below that reflect the new, 4th quarter standards and material we are covering.

Once you get inside the folder, if any of the links are broken or do not work, please contact your child’s teacher for help.

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Elementary School


Middle School


High School


Special Education


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Hollister Parents

Hollister’s new Virtual Learning Plan will begin on Monday, April 6th.  We will be covering new 4th quarter standards and giving feedback to students on their work.  This COVID Instructional Resources Page will have brand new instructional materials on it starting Monday, April 6th at 8:00 AM.  You should also expect to hear from your child’s teacher(s) in the days to come.

To make this as easy on our parents as we possibly can, we have done the following:

  • Made all instructional materials available on this COVID Instructional Resources Page. 

  • Put timing guidelines in place to make the process of learning at home more reasonable and realistic for both parents and students. (No more than 1.5 hours for grades Pre-K to 2, 2 hours for grades 3-5, 3 hours for middle school students, and 4 hours for high school students)

  • Instructed teachers to reach out often with information.  Be on the lookout for teacher emails, phone calls, texts, etc.  These are intended as wellness checks for parents and families. If you are struggling, feel free to reach out with your needs and concerns!

These new standards we will be covering are important and essential for students moving forward.  We are expecting students to complete this work, so we ask for your help and support with setting expectations with your child(ren), encouraging them, and checking in on their progress.  We know you didn’t sign up to be homeschooling parents, so do your best! No one is going to be perfect in all of this, and we understand that. Please reach out to our teachers and staff if you need any help with any of the materials - we are all still working to support our students!




Please use this site to find educational resources, activities, and links for you and your child to use. This site is a work in progress, so check back often as new things may be added!

CLICK HERE to view our district’s full Virtual Learning Plan.  This plan will be in place from April 6th until further notice and covers new 4th quarter standards and material.  (This document was created with the purpose of providing teacher guidance, but parents are welcome to view.)

CLICK HERE to view our district’s full Supplemental Instruction Plan.  This plan was in place from March 23 through April 3rd, and covered review material already covered this year.

If you cannot utilize our digital resources due to limited internet access, printed packets are available for pickup at each K-8 building entrance and will be available Tuesday mornings by 8:00 AM.  High school student packets need to be requested through the office – call 417-243-4045.


Having trouble with technology?  Check out this document.  If that doesn’t help, you can send an email to our technology department at for assistance in troubleshooting.


Burrell Crisis Hotline: 417-761-5555—ANYONE can use this crisis line. You do not have to be a Burrell client.

National Crisis Text Line is available 24/7: 741741 

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